Our 5 top tips for finding your dream job in 2018!

Posted 14/12/2017

Is your new year’s resolution to get a new job you love in 2018?! These are our 5 top tips for making that a reality!


  • Overhaul your CV

Make sure you CV is clearly written, with no spelling mistakes or fancy fonts! It is a good idea to separate each of your previous employment into paragraphs, outlining the company name, your job title, how long you were there and a brief description of the job you did there. If your CV is written in one big paragraph employers may get bored and lose interest whilst reading it. Also be careful with putting your interests on you CV. By all means make your CV a bit more personal, but bear in mind that if you say you are a die hard Manchester United fan but your prospective employer supports Manchester City, your chances of getting that dream interview might be hindered!


  • Make the most of recruitment agencies!

Finding people like you the right role is a recruitment agencies job! It doesn't cost you a penny and you get the benefit of having someone, with a large number of contacts in the field you are looking in, to guide you through the process. They may know employers who could potentially be on the look out for someone like yourself, so you many end up having an interview for a job that isn’t even advertised!


  • Prepare for interviews

Dress appropriately and do your research. Companies are more than likely going to ask what you know about them, so have a read up before you go to make sure you impress.


  • Use job boards to your advantage

Rather than hunting down jobs, consider getting potential employers to come to you. Post your CV online and you could save yourself a lot of time and effort job hunting.


  • Pick up the phone!

Once you’ve sent your cv to a recruiter a friendly follow-up call will allow you to draw attention to your CV, set you apart and help you get your personality across.


If you’re looking for your dream job in motor trade in 2018 give us a call today to make it happen!