How Social Media Can Impact Your Job Search

Posted 13/04/2017 : By: Laura Rycroft

There is no doubt that social media plays a massive part in the job search process these days – for both employee and employer! Your social media profiles can both help and hinder your job search, or even your career. 

Here is our list of mistakes to avoid on social media

1. Don't complain about your old job, new job or boss!
Airing your dirty laundry on social media may not be immediately damaging, but it can always come back to bite you. A colleague could forward your rant onto your boss or the post may be found days, weeks, months down the line by your current or future employer. This could result in you losing your job, being in your bosses bad books or losing out on an interview because of badmouthing past employers/employees!

2. Don't post inappropriate, racist or distasteful comments!
This one doesn't really need explaining! Whether you find it funny, others could find it offensive which could be very detrimental to both your career and personal life

3. Don't share your latest job offer until you are sure that it isn't confidential and it has been formally confirmed!
As exciting that receiving a job offer is, sometimes they are strictly confidential. Job offers aren't always set in stone until you have undergone the correct formalities and accepted the role / requirements with your potential employer. If you break any confidential agreements right from the word-go, you may be seen as untrustworthy and your offer may be withdrawn.

4. Be mindful of the images you post!
This depends on the area of your work, for example if you post a photo of yourself with alcohol this is generally frowned upon if you work closely with children or people who need close care, however, if you have an office/warehouse/retail job, a picture of you in Spain on your balcony with a glass of wine is more than likely to be fine.