What do Employers look for in an Employee?

Posted 15/10/2014 : By: Laura Rycroft

We receive feedback from our Clients on Candidates interviews on a daily basis. We have put our heads together at Progress Recruitment Solutions HQ and come up with a list of the main things our Clients look for when interviewing! 

Is the Candidate presentable in their appearance and do they come across in a professional manner?

Honest & Trustworthy 
Does the person sitting in front of me demonstrate honest and integrity? Can I trust them to get on and do their job and could they be trusted with company equipment and to represent our company in the manner in which we require? 

Potential /Adaptability
Do they have the right attributes to make a good employee? Could they meet our future requirements? Are they mouldable into our way of thinking and / or doing things?

Positive Attitude 
Are they the type of Employee to remain motivated and positive and help to maintain a happy work environment?

Relevant Skill set / Experience
Does this Candidate have the right experience / skills to do the job?

Have I or could I warm to this person in a work environment? Are they a good listener? – Will they follow instructions and will they work well with the team I have in place.

Work Ethic 
Will this person make sacrifices for the benefit of our Company, their Colleagues and Our Clients?

It's amazing how little of it in an interview can be down to the experience and skills you have and how much of it is based on how you conduct yourself! Remember on paper you already have potential if not they would not have invited you to the interview from your CV.  Preparation is key.

Do you have any things to add to this?