How do I get a job in the Automotive Industry?

Posted 31/01/2019 : By: Natasha Robson

How do I get a job in the Automotive Industry?


This is a question we get asked on a regular basis and depending on what sector you wish to join, and where you are in your current career, it can be a struggle. 
We often hear candidates have sent out their CV’s to countless companies just to hear the dreaded ‘not enough experience’. The industry is vast and thriving with a multitude of opportunities for rewarding careers, but where do you start if you have no experience?

Think outside the box - what is going to make you stand out over other candidates who may already be working in the industry? Always write a profile about yourself and why you want to work in the industry on your CV. Look into other ways to boost your application - we offer a free video interview service you can do at home in your own time. This is a great opportunity to give your application personality and put you a step above other applicants.

Be open minded - want a career in car sales? Maybe you could start as a receptionist or showroom host. Getting your foot in the door is the first and hardest step towards your career in the industry. You may need to invest time in a role which isn’t quite right but puts you on the right track.

Be prepared to take a salary drop - this is probably the biggest hurdle we come across when speaking with candidates. Employers pay for experience and knowledge, even if you know you will excel once given the chance, employers can’t always afford to take this risk. If you are on a good salary in your current role, put some money aside to give you more freedom when looking for your next career move. What you may lose initially financially, you will gain in the experience you need to progress within the industry.

If the career you want is in a specialist field research any qualifications or training you may need. Even experienced candidates can lose out over not having the relevant credentials. We can offer guidance on what training is available in your area and how to go about making that first step. Alternatively, if you can afford to take a trainee position or apprenticeship, look for one which offers recognised qualifications and training which you can do alongside your new position.

Most importantly, don’t give up! It’s a difficult industry to break into and it can be disheartening getting turned down, but persistence is key and always pays off. Get your name out there and do your best to stand above everyone else.

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Blog written by Hayley Farrow, Recruitment Executive