How to beat the January blues

Posted 07/01/2019 : By: Natasha Robson

How to beat the January blues

Ah the post-Christmas slump, New Year celebrations have been and gone and all you are left with are some mangled bits of tinsel, an extra couple of pounds on the scales and a few less in the bank account. No wonder we are soon to be approaching Blue Monday! Monday 21st January, the said to be most depressing day of the year. So we thought we would put together our teams best tips for beating the January Blues! …

  • I recently attended a talk by Jo Fairley, founder of Green & Blacks who introduced me to the Calm Mindfulness App which I have recently downloaded. Not only do I use the sleep tracks when I (or my kids) are struggling to switch off at night but I find ten minutes of the Daily Calm at the beginning of the day starts my day off the right way. (Laura Rycroft)


  • Compliment those around you and be positive. Positivity feeds positivity! (Lindsey Voong)


  • Hit the Gym! (Maria Willet)


  • Work out – “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy” Elle Woods, Legally Blonde (Natasha Robson) 
  • Set some plans, goals and aims for 2019 – give yourself something targets both in your work and personal life to achieve and something to look forward to! (Mary Thompson)