Top 5 tips on how to gain a pay rise in 2019!

Posted 07/01/2019 : By: Natasha Robson

Top 5 tips on how to gain a pay rise in 2019!

Looking back at 2018 our team saw a noticeable increase in Candidates that were counter offered by their current employers at the time of handing in their resignation. Looking for a new career can take up valuable time and resources so before you bite the bullet and start applying for jobs, we recommend that you take time to assess the reasons for looking to leave your current employer. If it’s financial gain, then it’s always worth having a conversation with your Line Manager to explore the possibility of gaining a pay increase before putting your CV out there.


  • Look back on the past year, have you taken on additional responsibilities? Employers are much more likely to be open to giving pay rises to employees that have stepped up to take on additional duties for the good of the business. If this isn’t something that you have done have you noticed a gap within the business where offering to fulfil these additional duties would be beneficial to all involved?

  • Have you recently gained additional qualifications or accreditations? By completing additional training, it could be that this has enabled the business to compete in a new arena or take on additional services, or that you have become more efficient as a result. These are all worthy points to raise when asking for a pay rise.

  • Have you become a go-to for other people within your team? Are you spending a lot of time helping others? If so, it could warrant an increase in pay, particularly if by assisting others you are behind on your own work so therefore missing bonuses or having to stay later to complete tasks. 

  • Choose your moment carefully, this needs to be an open and honest conversation, tactful and thought out, your manager will value you for approaching them and taking the time to put across your justification so make sure you plan the meeting in advance at a time where you will have their full attention and away from other members of staff.

  • Lastly, many employees feel that by having another job offer to go to puts them in a better position to ask for a pay increase. True if your employer doesn’t want to lose you then this is something, they may well consider in order to keep you on board, however... this can be a dangerous game to play and could backfire. Many hiring managers feel that if an employee has started looking elsewhere then its only a matter of time before they leave... so be warned if you are considering this tactic then avoid playing this card more than once!

We hope this helps in your bid to increase your wages, please do remember that many a business have experienced a hard year in 2018 so if your company cant afford the increase in their wage bill then don’t take offence, look at other ways in which you can increase your value and discuss a long term career plan with them.