Melissa Rowlands

Likes: Football (Norwich City), Boxing, Wrestling/WWE, Las Vegas/Orlando for holidays, Lewis Hamilton (although I actually love him, not like, so I don't know if that counts?) and Formula 1 (I'm part of the NRF1 Podcast Crew which is broadcast straight out of Norfolk…because I'm cool like that), raising money for MacMillan and Cat Protection and my Sega Master System I got for Christmas. I had one as a child back in the early 90's, best, most thoughtful present ever!

Dislikes: Sweetcorn (yuk!), people who park their car in a car park over 2 spaces – selfish,  and putting make up on me or people -  I've got a qualification as a Make Up Artist…I did it for the banter.

Drives: Infiniti Q30 & Fiat 500 

Dream Car: Rolls Royce Phantom

Biggest Achievement: I used to be Flight Attendant before moving into the Automotive and Recruitment sector.  I always said it was a dream of mine to work as a Flight Attendant on private jets, which I'm lucky enough to get to do.  I got to bring back Sir Jackie Stewart from the Italian GP last season and he was one of the loveliest people I had the pleasure of being in the company of.

I love people and anything that moves.  Combine that with wanting to help people become the best version of themselves through their chosen career path makes Progress Recruitment Solutions the perfect fit for me.  
I really enjoy the fast pace and diverse environment that recruitment brings.  Can someone really say that they don't like the buzz of a sale, a job well done, building a new relationship, carving a new opportunity out of nowhere or making someone's day?  Me neither.
I will always look outside the box with a candidate and would say a strength of mine is to read between the lines on a CV.  Just because someone isn't a carbon copy fit on paper doesn't mean that they can't or couldn't be the most valuable asset you ever came across – I'm here to help you find the stand out people for you and your company.

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